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Award Winning

Lexus Actively Safe Campaign

We were tasked to launch the new RX. 

The challenge: it only had a new grille design.  Not much to hang your hat on.

So we looked for something newsworthy. We found the RX had an unrivaled safety record. Why? Because of the hundreds of predictive safety features. Features they had never talked about. So we talked about them,  packaged them, and campaigned them and named it "Actively Safe."


Directors: Nicolai Fugelsig // StyleWar // Rupert Sanders


We created a real pop-up book.

We designed a real Pop-Up Book for in-dealership experience for consumers

to interact with supporting the national TV campaign.

Pop-up book no backgrond.png

Ineternal Lexus Dealer campaign sales tool.

A see-through lucite "safety box" given to dealers around the country to support and educated dealers about the national  "Actively Safe" campaign.

Actively safe dealer box.png

The New Yorker print ad.

Artboard 1 copy.png

A fun print ad that ran in The New Yorker that

showed what was coming ahead like the Actively Safe

features do in the new RX.

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